Health Cause is here because your health is the right cause

Health Cause is here to gather and archive for you the essential information coming from the field of Alternative and Functional Medicine. The intention is to help you more with the prevention or the treatment of your chronic diseases. We know that our bodies don’t lie when we are sick and most of the times our health is in our own hands. To know that is power. Many people don’t even know that sometimes if they drink a glass of water instead of taking a Tylenol when having a headache can help alleviate the pain completely and save their liver long term. Of course, there are situations when a simple glass of water will be of no help at all.  But trying to hide a real health problem with a Tylenol instead of searching deep for the causes of your headaches is not the healthy way to go. Our diet and lifestyle, the air and water pollution,  the weakness of our genes, they are all contributing factors for hijacking our health every single moment. We don’t know how toxic we are until the moment we discover that we are chronically sick. But, once we are sick, the conventional medicine cannot help us very much, since the protocol for doctors is to give you a pill that will cover the symptoms but will never address the cause of your illness. So, let’s be honest! When we know that we are sick, no matter the chronic disease that we may face, what would we like to become? A healthy person that discovers the way back to his/her own health or a chronically sick patient that will be just comfortable taking at least one medicine for life, maintaining a disease and increasing the level of toxicity in his/her own body. I think I already know your answer. That is the reason I created “Health Cause”.  This website is for you, for all of you who suffer in a way or another from the effects of our health defective education in which chemical medicines are promoted every day on television as health remedies and the health prevention, using the right diet or the natural medicines, is still the Cinderella of our times. Take your time to study and find out what you can do today for yourself in order to become less toxic and sick. The internet is a very generous source of information that can sometimes help you regain your health, depending on your ability to choose the right information. Fight for your health cause and get informed because nothing is more valuable than education and nothing is more important than your health. I also encourage you to become interactive on this platform through comments and suggestions and I am always ready to listen to you.

Health Cause

Important note: *I am not a doctor and these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products or services promoted on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You need to do your own research.